30 Metallic Embroidery Spools, 30 different Colours x 500 Meters (550 Yards) Each

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 Metallic Machine Embroidery Thread ideal for all sort of your embroidery projects. HIGH QUALITY GUARANTEED Suitable for Janome, Yamaha ,Guterman , John Lewis, Juki, Brother , Tajima, PFAFF and many many more
It is renowned as durable fast colors. consistency, sheen and brilliance of shades. Its superior strength delivers high sewing productivity in the most demanding applications. An excellent choice for hand or machine embroidery, or any other stitching project. The thread can be used with ANY fabric you can lay your hands on. It has a guaranteed fast colour.

Metallic Embroidery Machine Threads are trickier than polyester embroidery threads. Please use Topstitch Needle with larger eye to work with,

such as SCHMETZ Topstitch 80/12 or 90/14 size. Adjust the tension of machine, keep the metallic thread coming out smoothly, lower the machine speed under ≤600 speed per stitch. Will prevent the tangled/break issues.


You will receive: Quantity: 30 Spools, Length: 550 YARDS (Each spool)

Suitable for any embroidery machine, either close cassette or open thread intake.  It is also suitable for machines that take thread from Spool pin.

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Weight 200 g


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