10 Metallic Embroidery Machine Thread Spools; 200 METERS EACH

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These are used extensively in many branches of the textile industry from wide width weaving to the narrow ribbons, military regalia, embroidery, braids, knitting,

cords, ropes, twisting, leavers, lace surface and inner gimp decoration.

This embroidery thread is specially made for use on modern embroidery machines, where speed is an important factor.

They give shiny metallic and glossy effects on the finished product.

Metallic Embroidery Machine Threads are trickier than polyester embroidery threads. Please use Topstitch Needle with larger eye to work with,

such as SCHMETZ Topstitch 80/12 or 90/14 size. Adjust the tension of machine, keep the metallic thread coming out smoothly, lower the machine speed under ≤600 speed per stitch. Will prevent the tangled/break issues.


This item is durable and special material used on a Japanese standards.

You will receive:
Quantity: 10 Spools
Length: 220 YARDS (Each spool)

Additional information

Weight 200 g


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