25 New ANCHOR Pearl Cotton Balls. Size 8 (85 Meters each)

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SUITABLE FOR Crocheted Edgings, Tatting, Sating Stitch, Cross Stitching, Scrap booking, Stamping, Punch Needle Work, Candlewick, Quilting,

Embroidery, Crocheted lace, Crochet Flowers, other crochet works, knitted lace, knitted bead bags, held with a component yarn. It can be used on Aida and hemp.

Item Description:  Brand :  Anchor

Quantity: 25 Balls. Material: 100% Pure Cotton (Perle’ Cotton). Tex Size: No. 8.
Quantity per Ball: 10 gms. / 85 Meters Approx. per ball in length
Colours: 25  Brand New shades (As Shown in the Picture).  Manufacturer : J & P COATS

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25 Anchor  Pearl Cotton (or Perle` Cotton) 
10 gms. each ball (Approx 85 Meters)  –    Size: No. 8    –    25 different Colours  Manufacturer: J & P COATS.

The thread is strong and durable, Fast colours.  Carefully selected for all kinds of projects

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Weight 550 g


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